I wrote a blog — you should too!

I never fancied a wedding too much growing up — I was kind of a tomboy. I liked being outdoors and playing in the dirt, rain, snow. In my mind, there wasn’t anyone to impress. I thought boys will just be boys, and I’m going to do whatever. I loved wearing plain T-shirts and shorts, and the one pair of sneakers I had probably since I was in 3rd grade. I was head over heels for a ferocious game of tag with friends that would go until dinner time. I loved the adrenaline rush as I ran inside to eat some of my mom’s delicious food. What a blast this was! I still wish I was this free-spirited as a Fiance today — but not even close.

My life is a bit different now, in a good way. Love and being with a faithful partner mean so much to me. I often get asked, “How did you know he was the one?” Sometimes, I laugh, other times it makes me angry, it’s as simple as.. when you know, you just know. I didn’t have to do anything weird like consult with my pastor or say a prayer, I wrote a blog. Yes, I wrote a blog and found love, but marriage! Don’t believe me, hear me out…

Two summers ago, I was in a dead-end job and decided to write a blog through Medium. Here’s the thing — I went in with no strings attached. I wanted to share my first story ever with anyone really who wanted to read it. I didn’t market it everywhere, probably with my “close” friends on Facebook. My first blog titled Why Women Love Lies was all about women falling for the wrong men. A few days after, I received a message from a Facebook friend (now my Fiance!!!) telling me that he enjoyed reading my blog and wanted me to come to speak on his podcast.

I couldn’t believe it — this was going to be my chance to share my work more widely. That weekend, I went to the podcast and was invited to a mini-cookout after — great vibes all around. I was happy that my blog gave me a platform and some new connections. So, what happened next? Two days after I messaged my new “Facebook friend” about the recording, and he asked me to go out on a date.

Ladies, you see that! No effort on my part. But what would have happened if I didn’t put my blog out there? Would we have crossed paths in real life? It’s crazy when I think that I found love through my blog and all of the experiences I’ve had after. I also can’t believe that close to 300 people have read Why Women Love Lies!! Thank you for the support.

The best relationship advice I can give to you is to be bold and daring, you never know what’s awaiting you on the other side. Follow your heart and what’s meant for you will always find its way to you.

Write away,


Writing is beautiful.

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